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Hello so this might be a stupid basic question for a lot of you, but I do need some help. I have a skeleton of an app made but basically what I’m trying to do is build an app that hosts custom workout plans for my clients. If you’re familiar with TrueCoach, that’s what I am looking to mimic.

I’m struggling with the concept of if you personally login to the app, how do I ensure that you only see your weekly or daily workout plan and not the other clients? If I have 100 clients that all receive custom workout plans everybody should see the same outline of the home page, but the content housed inside of it should be different.

Man I hope this makes sense, thanks for anybody who weighs in!

Hello, you can try as follows.
Put the true / false property on the user with the name of the plans.

Example: Plan 1 | Plan 2 | Plan 3 | Plan 4
As many plan are needed …

On the content screen, you create them and place the condition: It will only be visible if: User> Plan 1> is True

Another option that can work is if.

If this content is in a list, you can also apply a filter using the same condition as above.

If I understand your question, I think what I wrote above can help you …

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I think that might take care of it! I’ll give it a shot, thank you so much!

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Hmm for your scheme, seems the devil could be in the details. :sweat_smile:
If you have 3 plans.
But as you seems to mention “each client will receive custom instructions”, you are not based on 3+ plans now but on X,Y,Z sets of “instructions profiles”.
if you planed preparing 20 custom profiles 'sets of instructions" that could apply to a 100 clients, than you need a collections of …20 profiles.
Lets say the 3 plans is just for Cost subscriptions , blablabla
you can apply any plans to any clients in a USER property “Client plan” and have him/her pay a distinct price
but you still need to create 20 sets of “customized instructions” …and you can not link them to…3+ plans.
1 - Add a 1 collection for Plan A, B, C
2 - Add another collections for “Sets of instructions”…
3 - Well…One easiest way (as I can see) is just to add - lets say - 30 columns/Relationships of instructions - directly to the User (Client table)
that way each client can receive a list of instructions and only be listed the ones that applies to him.
You can set each instruction from Combo menu choice, fast, easy.

  • A big advantage is that : When changing the TEXT of an instruction in that way, it also updates all text for all clients, no need to get inside each client profiles…

…else…if you do not go that way - you would have to define a set of instructions for each plans - and maybe that is what you were thinking of - but unless you create “20 plans”, i don’t think you could reach the grade of precision you get by when adding instructions “directly in the Users table”.

  • hope it was helpfull.
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That makes sense! I’ll give it a shot and see if your idea allows me the fully customized features that I’m looking for. Thank you!

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