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Hey there,
I’m looking for help related to setting up filters for a custom list.

  • Here is a my situation:
    Users on my app can create an availability status (letting their friends know when they are available, usually between certain times on a certain day that they set) using a form; they can either create a new status or they can edit their current status (by filling out a new form, or editing a current one). I have then set up the ability for users to see their friends statuses using a list on the users home page.
  • The issue I’m facing is this:
    What ends up being displayed in the list on a users home page are all statuses submitted by their friends at any time. What I want to show is the most up-to-date status, where availability is current (as in the time and date set by the user via the form is still current, not in the past). I want this information to display only while it remains current (as in once the availability date and time have passed, I don’t want the status to display in the list any more).
  • Any thoughts on how I might set this up?
    I’ve tried setting up a custom filter to only show statuses where the availability time and date are before the current time, but it’s very possible that I’m not doing something right. I’m still fairly new at this. I’m also wondering whether there is the ability to clear or reset to empty a form once the current form content is no longer valid (as in the availability end date and time have passed?)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @catherinemevanssmith ,

My suggestions would be

  1. Create history of availability collection that is created whenever user create new availability
  2. So, availability collection is always in current
  3. Use custom form, rather than built-in form, you can put create button and custom list of availability collection filtered by logged in user with button that say like “Create”, button is visible if no count, custom list is visible if count>0
  4. Whenever button inside custom list is clicked, create history of availability from availability collection which is custom list is set to
  5. Then create input fields and text that work as custom form
  6. Put “Save” button that create new record in availability collection and then delete current record in availability collection

With this, your availability collection is always current, and whenever user create new status, old one will get pushed to history.

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Thanks @Yongki. These are helpful suggestions that I’m trying to work through. Question - where do I find a custom form? Is that a component in the app or something I have to find in the marketplace? Thanks.

Custom form means you build it with input fields, text and button components, not from form component.

Got it, thanks so much!

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Update: It worked! Thanks so much for your help!

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Glad that it suits you. :grinning:

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