Help with Lists


I’m creating an app that contains audio files and I’m having a little trouble creating various lists on my home screen.

For example, on my home screen a user can view all categories which then links to a new page of all songs within that category ie: audio for sleep category > a screen showcasing all the audio files for sleep.

I’d love to also have a horizontal scroll with just the sleep audio selections on my home screen but I can only seem to link the list to either “all songs” or “all categories” How can I link to a specific category of songs ie. sleep?

I’ve added in image to help explain.

Thanks for your time!

I don’t know how do you set up your database can you send a pic?

But because you have a category property on your database, just go to your list (3º one)
Click “list of categories” and filterd by contain the “name” i guess “music to sleep”

and it should work.

Thank you. I’ve attached a few photos.
A: The song records and what they look like inside
B: The category records
C: The dropdown “filter by” only giving me options for “all songs” or “all categories”.
End goal is to just have a horizontal list of the specific songs within a category such as sleep.

Yes, then you select “All songs” and down you have other filter, that you can put “Categorie name is equal to: xxxxxx”

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