List filter infinite loop problem

Hello! I’m creating an app for restaurants and users. So far the accounts are working for both common users and restaurant owners. I also created categories for stabilishments so we can filter it on the homescreen. When I try to use the created categories as a filter, I get stuck in a loop. Here are some screenshots:

Hi, you’re not stuck in a loop, you’re nit looking where you should,

Select “All restaurants” then add custom filter and do what you want to do

I tried that, but had the same problem when trying to select the category that it should contain

Use 2 separate screens. On your categories list, link to the 2nd screen which has a list with the “Current category” filter.

Example here:
Screen #1 contains a list of “All restaurants”. When a category is clicked, it goes to Restaurants by Category.

Screen #2 has a list of Restaurants with the filter Current Category > Restaurants.

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