Help with message notification icon

Please I need help with message notification icon. I want that icon to show only when a logged in user has an unread message. Please how do I structure it in my database? I’m having a hard time doing so. Thank you

Are You meaning that the “messaging icon” is always invisible, and when a message arrive It appears? Or only the Blue circle?

In both the case, you have to create yourself all the component (It is not possible with the Adalo’s navigation bar).

You can use a rectangle, the icon for all the pages that you want to use and lots of creativity.

The blue circle or a number for the “unread messages” for example, must be added and set to “some time visible”>“message count” not equale to “0”.

the same think is for the icon, if you don’t want that is always visible, you have to use the “sometime visible” way

It’s a component I got. Adalo doesn’t have that feature so I got a notification icon component. I want the blue circle to only display when…(I don’t know how to input the logic for messages)

  1. Simplest way is to do a date/time filter i.e. store the time the user last clicked the inbox icon, like ’ Read Up Until’, then filter after that time.

  2. More precise, you need a relationship field for ‘Read By’ - add the user to that when the message is clicked. Then filter your count for messages where the Logged in user isn’t present in ‘Read By’.

I prefer 2, 1 is quicker.

I haven’t underatood you man
I was create a circle like this in the picture and i set sometimes visible when the natifacation > count > a geated of > 0
But i need also to be unvisible when he clicked the icon
How i can do it?