Notification badge showing unread content?

Is there a way to create a notification badge, like the one on my iPhone that shows that I have unread messages, posts, etc?

For example, when I have new comments here in this Adalo forum, my profile avatar (in the upper right corner of the screen) has a little light green alert badge. Once I’ve viewed the content, that badge disappears.

My app has an announcements screen, where I can post new information for my users. I also have a main menu screen which has links to all the other screens, including “announcements”.

I’d like to put the badge beside the “announcements” link on the menu screen, so the user will know new announcements have been posted.

I’m open to any suggestions. Is this possible?

Hey @MikesClub,

This video may help you:


This is very helpful! Thanks!

I see one possible problem though.

In the automatic field mentioned at the very end, if I set that count to zero when the user account is created, won’t that mean that ALL existing notifications will appear in the initial count for all new users? I’m using this feature to identify unread announcements. If I add a few new announcements per week, won’t that mean a new user’s badge could potentially show dozens of unread notifications when they create their account? Many of those announcements will not be relevant to new users.

Will Adalo exclude pre-registration announcements from the count? Or is there a way to have the badge start the unread count only after signup?

IDK, give it a try.

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