Relationship properties not showing up

in my data base collection, 2 of my collections do not input the proper amount of properties.

As the pictures show, Order Items has 4 properties. Yet while I make Create “order Items” collection, only 3 are “programable”.

I can add other properties like numbers, text, date, image, but relationships links don’t show up.

I’ve Deleted both collections that have relations with each other " Menu Items & Order Items" and made them over again. Certain relationship properties still do not show up.

Is this a glitch?
Has anyone had this issue?

I’ve also had a situation where I creating an action didn’t display a few collections that were already made. Am i just running into abunch of glitches? or am i missing something?

Menu Item Parameters
Order Item Parameters

Hi @terichburg ,

If the relationship is many-to-many, try update action instead of create action and in that field, choose add to.

This is normal because that relationships are “born” after the creation of that Record.

Do this. After the create and before “link” use the Update so you can update that fields on the “new item”

thank you, using the update action does seem to be the temporary fix for the properties not showing @ Yongki

Thanks @ AfonsoMarques, the properties updated on the “Update” action, but not on the create Action.
Is there a way to update current properties of a collection, this seems like a janky work around method.

What is the type of the relationship between order item and menu item?


Change it for 1 menu item can have Multiple order items i think that is the first option.

Hello, you can add an update action after the (Create) action, and you’ll be able to see and edit the fourth property.

I hope I have solved your problem.
Thank you!

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