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I am currently using the swiper component and have set it up so that on click it points to a new screen which i want to access all of the swiped users information so i can add and edit the swipe users record.
it doesn’t seem to pass all of the current swiped users information other than access to the swiped users image.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

Hi Fred,

The Deck Swiper is connected to the Users list and when you click a user on the swiper it goes to a new screen and you need to show that user’s details? Like the Images that added by that user? Correct?

Thank you

Yes when I open the screen I want to be able to access all of their information on the the user. But it seems when I click on the card it only passes through certain information that I can access on the new screen like the picture. I want to be able to access the record of that user to be able to save information and get information from that user that was on the swipe deck when I pressed on the card. I don’t know if I should just save the current user on the swipe deck to the login users record and then install a list on the second page to be able to access all the information with a filter to that current user that is on the swipe deck. I want to be able to have them click on that card and then vote on that person or like them but it doesn’t seem to allow me to access the user on the swipe deck record in the table / database

You can access them but to access multiple you need a list. I mean like you want to show the posts that user created. Then you need a list and filter it by Current User’s>Posts.

I don’t understand. You can access all the information of that user. Is it possible to add a video ?

You can have a many to many to releshanship to store the voted users and a number property for store the votes count or you can show the count of users that voted. I will make a video when I get back to my computer.

It greatly and be much appreciated if you can send me a video to help me solve this. I look forward to receiving it. If you could show me from the swipe to a new page where the information can be accessed

Hi Fred,

Here’s the video :

Thank you

thank you so much it helped me identify that there was a bug on the screen i was using in adalo i had to delete the old screen to get it to work i had it set up in the same way but the data didnt pass through dont know why. once i made a new screen worked like the video

i have one other question if i want i wanted to vote the current user as big or small not just a single vote as in the video how would i do that? they could also vote multiple times say click on bigg many times to accumulate more votes for that user?

thanks really appreciate your help

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You could make a number property on the Users collection and add a Update Current User action to the button and add current user>Votes ( created number property ) from magic text to the Votes filed of the action and add +1.

I got everything working on a demo app that I made separately but I actually had to use a simple list when I clicked on it I could do everything you did for some reason when I use the sniper in my app I’m not able to access the current user only the logged in user it goes to other page and I can use the current user picture but can’t access any of the other data. I don’t know what’s going on but thank you for all your help you helped enough I don’t want to keep bothering you with this issue.

If you could add a video about your setup, preview and what’s happening that will help us to help you correctly!

That’s not a problem. The community is here to help you :wink:

Thanks for your help again.

i am attaching a video for you to look at and the only abnomality is a picture i sent you of missing data

i created a new page everything was working fine and then i could no longer access the current user again.

Please help its been so discouraging.
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 12.25.39 AM

Thanks for the video!

In your Test Profile New screen the Current User Data is missing from the Tip Confirm screen. Got to the Tip Confirm screen and delete the link action that is coming to this screen ( Test profile screen ) and try to add the the values.

Patrick explains this issue very well!

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