Join deck swiper function with ellipse

Hi! is there any way I could get these ellipses to do the swiping function(skip when pressing x and view listing when pressing check)?

Hi @athie,

It is doable, but quite cumbersome.

Deck Swiper doesn’t have an ability to display buttons. So these buttons must be added manually and they should be “linked” to the same collection which is displayed in Swiper (let’s call it SwiperChoices).

Logical solution would be to create a list out of these buttons, and set is as list of SwiperChoices. In both parts (Swiper and this ButtonList) we need to set the same logic on swiping left/right and pressing buttons. Usually, it is needed to mark the item as “read” by user and never display it again.

The main problem here is how to keep these 2 parts in sync, and how to limit the ButtonList to display the buttons which are related to the same item, which is in Swiper at the moment.

Limiting by number of items in list didn’t work for me, I’ve ended up creating an ID and storing it in the users collection, and then updating it on swipe actions. Just for information, here is the video of this POC:

However, all the behaviour depends heavily on the business process flow - how it should work in a particular app.

May be @yelkhayami will create an updated swiper version sometimes :slight_smile:

thanks @Victor victor! could you maybe send me what properties/relationships youve put for the deckswiperchoice collection

Hi @athie,

The ones relevant to this example are:

  • Name (text)
  • Picture (picture)
  • SeenByUsers (many-to-many relation to Users collection; a deckswiperchoice could be seen by many users, and a user can see many deckswiperchoices).

The logic in the Swiper is the following: upon swiping left/right, the logged-in user is added to SeenByUsers. And the list in Swiper itself is filtered by Current deckswiperchoice -> Users (SeenByUsers)->All doesn’t contain Logged-In User.

thanks @Victor ctor! could you also explain to me the other 2 relationships(selections and details) and how i can get the “ID” to show?

@Victor and also how can i add a post to the users “seenbyuser”

Hi @athie,

ID is used to identify the picture and sync the buttons w/swiper.
And in the deckswiper itself, I’m updating DeckSwiperChoice on left/right swipe (“Actions” part), and adding Logged-In user to the property SeenByUsers.

hi @Victor thank u this helped me understand the idea much better but when i go to apply the update action it doesnt allow me…here ive selected addaction>update>logged in user>deck swiper choices

Hi @athie,

It’s difficult to find the cause without looking at the app itself.
Reg. deck swiper - I have plans to make a tutorial sometime, so may be this will help. But there is no timeline for it, sorry…

Best regards, Victor.

thanks @Victor kindly let me know when the tutorial is available

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