Deck swiper like tinder problam

I tried to make like tinder app and I cant uptade ‘users how liked’ swiping action…

Hi @Orelmor,

So you want to swipe users like Yes and No and then in the next screen show the users that you swiped for Yes? How the User How Liked property created?

Thank you

The user how liked property created by relationship many to many in user collaction
To user how liked collaction.

You don’t need another collection! Delete that collection and then delete that property ( I guess it’s deleted once you delete the collection ) and then on the Users collection create a many to many relationship between the Users collection and the Users collection!

now its make another problem
wjwn the deck swipe end its bring this error

Are you logged in to the app?


Can you share a video showing your setup and the preview? Can you share this App URL to check?

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that what means setup?

Is it possible to make this app as clonable?

yes imake it cloneable

Check again : deck swiper exmp

You didn’t filled the many to many rel in the actions.

And I added them! :

I did it…if what you mean is what I see at the screenshots…

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I did it again and it’s still the same problem

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Can you share some screenshots or video of how you did it now? Did you check this? : deck swiper exmp

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Ok that seems fine but still get the same error?

Hi @Orelmor ,

You might want to watch this video from @theadaloguy to understand better,

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