Help with withdraw funds function

I am creating a type of a cashback application. I needed help with its withdrawal function. So I have two text inputs and a button. One of the text input is for the user’s paytm account and other field is for the amount which the user desires to withdraw from their earnings in the app.
In the database, in Users collection, I have added “current balance” property which is manually updated by me when a user submits an offer.
So what I want is in the withdrawal page, the user should be able to type in “User’s paytm amount” and “desired amount” to withdraw. Then after clicking submit button in the database, the user’ paytm account entered and amount entered should be visible. (I am going to manually see the database inputs and transfer funds to the user’ desired amount).
Also the amount entered in the textbox should be subtracted from the user’s balance property in the database (which is a property added in Users collection).
Any ideas or ways to make my funds withdraw function work in app?

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