Need help with backend for app

So I am creating a cashback app with Adalo. I created a separate web app (with the app database shared to it) . What I wanted on the web app is to be able to update the user parameters. For example, in the “Users” collection, I have added a Boolean “User Flagged”. If this is true it prevents user from accessing the app. The only problem I am having is that I created a page with list with first displaying all the users in my app. Then there is a button in each column of the list “edit user”. Upon clicking that I linked it to a second screen with a form and I have configured the form to “Update the Current User” . It has two options update logged in user or current user. i have selected current user. However, this, the user parameter only gets updated if the user is currently logged in the app. So I cant update the user from backend if they have logged out of the app. How can I overcome this issue? Any leads would be extremely helpful.

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