Help working with statistics [Player Management]

Hiya guys, I’m currently creating my 1st app with Adalo for my clientele. Previously I used Apple’s Numbers with limited success and would like to expand on what I have to make creating and updating my athletes statistics easier. I’m using the Bar Graph in Adalo with limited success, but if you look below I had a system of tables setup which the charts read from to show the Athletes their progress over time. Any advise of how to approach this? This feature is one of the pillars of my app.

Any help/guidance would be awesome! Is there a template I can sample?

Thx much

I tried putting this info directly into the User Collection, but that proved cumbersome and didn’t work like expected. So I went with a Relationship to a Eval Collection which works somewhat. Prob is how would I edit a specific entry etc?

So I started working with and it’s decent but has a pretty unorthodox way of managing. Anyone here implemented it in a way that it’s progressive? That’s the cool thing about the Adalo charts, they’re progressive, they show values as they’re added.

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