Here's how to use Response. How about ChatGPT?

I desperately need help making the ChatGPT component work. I never even make it to the ChatGPT screen showing in the video. I’m paying it forward with instructions for using Response ChatGPT.

Anybody have similar instructions for the ChatGPT component?

The Marketplace Response component works very well. Good job James!

I tried to make these instructions as clear as possible

  1. Add a new database named “New Response” to the “User” collection.
  2. Create the button to send you to the screen you want the “response” on.
  3. Link the button to the new screen.
  4. Add the Response component to the new screen.
  5. If you haven’t already, create a secret key in ChatGPT.
  6. Enter the secret key in the “OpenAI Key” field in the Response component.
  7. Write your prompt in the box below your key.
  8. Add an update action to the “Logged in User” below your prompt.
  9. Add a text box near the “Ask ChatGPT” button (that will appear on the screen after you enter your key.)
  10. Group the “Ask ChatGPT” button and the text box together by selecting both of them with your mouse inside the square that appears when you drag, and clicking on the “Group” button in the pop-up that appears.
  11. In the “text box” input in the left-hand panel of the text box setup, connect to the “User” collection by selecting it from the dropdown list.
  12. In preview mode, you will not see the text box on the screen where the “Ask ChatGPT” button is. Click on the “Ask ChatGPT” button to see the response to your prompt. You can change the style of the text box by clicking on the paint palette icon.

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