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I am creating an app wherein I have a dropdown and a text field. Both of these is used to make an entry into the database. What I want is, depending on the dropdown value, text field should be made visible or invisible.

I tried adding a condition like this - if dropdown is equal to “some value”, then make the text field visible. However the problem with this is, initially when the dropdown is blank this text field is visible. What can I do to solve this ? Is there a way to add multiple conditions to visibility field ?

Hi @Nitish ,

You can make the input as a group by clicking the three dots and click make a group and add a visibility condition to the group that visible if Other components > drop-down name > name ( property ) > is not equal to > empty!

Thank you

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Hey @dilon_perera I had tried this. The problem with this is this only considers an empty value. What if I want to make it visible if dropdown value is equal to "A " or “B” ?

Hey there @Nitish

That’s exactly how to do it, how @dilon_perera described.

You have the visibility setting on your input component where selected membership type > name is equal to Only Gym Membership. This is correct.

Next steps:
With ONLY the text input component selected, click the menu on the top and select “Make a group”. This group will only contain your text input component. Set the visibility settings on the group to sometimes visible if selected membership type > name is not equal to empty.

This creates somewhat of an “AND” type of function.

If membership name is NOT empty (group) AND
If membership name is exactly "Only Gym Membership (input)


Got it @Flawless @dilon_perera. Thanks !

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