HLS Video Streaming

Does any one knows how can I stream .m3u8 video link inside my adalo app?

I’m afraid this format is not currently supported by any of our video components.

You can use the web view to play this type of format. But it’ll not look nice.

Yeap, I did it. Using clappr and passing parameters in URL with magic text. However, It really does make sense to me. I mean, Adalo is built in react-native right? Using webview where I could use a native player doesn’t seems right to me. So, I contacted Plyr Video component creator and asked him for HLS Support. In case he doesn’t have time to help I will take some time to study Adalo’s component development. I know it has a simple bootstrap and should no be too complicated to implement a native player with support for it. I am determined not to use webview :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting in touch with us, and sorry for the late reply!

Currently, the Plyr component doesn’t support HLS. We want to add that possibility, but we have no ETA on this one since we’re busy at the moment.

Please feel free to fork our component to adjust it to your needs if you have code experience:

Example sources with the HLS:

Note: For mobile devices, the Plyr component uses the WebView feature to render HTML, JS, and CSS.

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