No video preview in Android app

I’ve got video thumbnain in Adalo’s previewer on browser but not on native Android mobile app.
Is that normal or I do anything wrong? I’d love to have preview on native app. It’s necessary.

Adalo team - please help me.

Anyone can help me? Adalo team?

Hello? I need that feature.

Hi @Dawid,

For someone to give an answer, it would be useful if you provide a bit more details - for example, what player are you using and how did you set it up.
Also, please keep in mind that this is Adalo community forum and it is not an official support channel. If you would like to receive support from Adalo CX team, the best way will be to submit a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

I use Plyr video. In web preview it works, on Android not.

Hi @Dawid,

As far as I know the author of the component is @lottemint, may be he could advise.

Another possible cause could be the access rights to the video file itself - it should be publicly accessible (not limited to

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks. How to check that privacy thing?

Hi @Dawid,

It depends on where you store the file. For example I’ve seen cases when file is stored on AWS S3, and the access control to this file is set only to a certain list of domains; so when user connects from the app, the file doesn’t load.

It is quite difficult to debug these issues without app access and other details. Unless someone has faced similar problem with Plyr or you get the answer from component author, the best way to go would be submitting a support ticket.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello @Dawid,

Sorry to hear that you have an issue.
May I know if you had a look at the following topic, please:

Let me please know if that helped or not.

Thanks @Victor for pinning me to this topic!

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Hey man!
I don’t use Amazon S3. What’s the solution?

Can you please share the link to a video (it may be a test one) that doesn’t work here? I’ll test it out.

Hey. Videos play. The point is - I have black background instead thumbnails from videos which is not attractive for my app :frowning:

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Would you please share the URL of the thumbnails?

It’s on my app. There is no URL to thumbnails, they show automatically on preview from video.

Please have a look at the attached screenshot:

Are you talking about this thing (marked via the red rectangle)?

No. I write about whole image (waves).

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