New screens created by linking


I’m very new to this so please bear with me.

I’ve managed to link from a list to a new screen (Screen 2) so that depending on which item in the list is pressed, the new screen opens the header and takes across the picture of that item. I’m impressed with myself for getting this far!

Now I want to be able to set up text and actions on Screen 2 that only link to the item pressed but in preview the new content is displayed for all items, regardless of what the header item is.

So for example when they click on a user profile, Screen 2 displays that user but the text and new buttons remain generic Screen 2 content - not info about that user.

It’s driving me to distraction!! I know I could replace the lists with images for an easy fix and have new screens galore but I know that’s not what’s supposed to happen.

And advice please?

Hi Jon,

Have you walked through our getting started tutorials? I feel they will help you get on track with your project very fast!