Homescreen blank

For some reason whenever I preview my chat app, the whole homescreen becomes blank white! My items that i use are : list, card list, action button, button, photo, text, and thats it. I figured out it was the messaging list, but you cant start a new conversation without it

You could try to delete one component at a time, preview to see it works, ctrlZ to bring the component back, try the next component. This might give you an idea what is causing it to break.


It is the home screen messaging list

Ok and if you put that on another screen on its own, it still doesn’t work?

You could try rebuilding the list to see if it’s a random bug.

You can also see if there is some part of the data missing for the list. I had a weird bug earlier where creating an record which didn’t fill in the fields resulted in app crashing.

is there anything on the lists yet?

Lists wont show unless you have data to show.

If you can add a video or some screenshots about that screen, setup of that components, and the preview it would great to understand what’s going on.

I am showing the conversation data, the one Adalo prebuilt, but when I build it, it is fine

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