Webapp issue suddenly white homescreen

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Is there a fix in place? I am having trouble with my webapp since the homescreen turned empty and white and is unusable in preview and shared mode. Available data is suddenly gone as well, need help :wink:

What components do you have on the screen that goes white?

Thanks for reaching out. I have multiple components, mostly lists (see image of the design attached), but all components, also text is invisble when previewing the app.

Gotcha. My guess is that one of these lists is breaking the page. I’ve noticed some issues with card lists breaking pages. My suggestion would be to delete one component at a time (start with the horizontal card list - I think that’s a primary contender) and then preview to find the broken component. You can do Ctrl or Cmd + Z to undo deletes. Once you find the broken component, just re-add it and configure it the same way.

Hi @pfordmedia, you are awesome! This worked for me and the app works again. Dankjewel!

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