Homescreen on iOS not loading data from collection

When you open the app and log-in, the homescreen loads data from one collection filtered by login user. This works great on the web (PWA) but not on iOS. I have had this issue on all builds so far and it’s the one thing that prevents me from using Adalo moving forward. Any ideas?

(user having the same issue)
Experiencing this as well and its annoying since in order to bring it up list has to be refreshed. This had been fixed for a while and then it occurred again. Not sure what the cause is. Hopefully someone knows a fix.

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Is this happening on freshly created builds? If you make changes within the builder, you will always need to create a new build for it.

Data can be changed without requiring any new build but remember that the previously built build, may still require that data in order to work properly.

Yes, this happens to a freshly created built. Also, I haven’t touched the homepage in a while since it always worked flawlessly on the PWA.

My workaround for now: on load of homescreen, I update the data I need for the homepage which is a collection of scheduled exercises filtered by the login user. I just update the last changed date which is an unnecessary operation since collections do this automatically. But it forces the page to reload. It’s super slow, you probably see the empty screen for like a third to half a second. But at least it works now, good enough for a public beta :slight_smile:

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youre a life saver! Might be able to get a lottie animation or placeholder just to let users know its loading up!

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