Help! My app suddenly won’t load

All of a sudden, my app won’t open today. I have a backup but the collections are all empty. My app has grown to about 30 pages. It was loading slowly before but at least it opens. This afternoon, it just stopped responding. What could be the problem? (I opened a support ticket but has yet to receive a response.) thanks

Hi Rock,

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Could you add screenshots of the problem? Is the app showing a blank screen? a loading screen?

Hi. Just the loading screen. I can still open the pwa with the last version I had before it stopped loading on the editor.

Btw, other apps I made and cloned opens without any problems.

What type of components are on the screen that’s broken? (calendar, ads, etc.) Also, you can you take a screenshot of this happening?

Actually, everything seems to be working fine before I closed the browser.

did you try closing the browser again, clearing the cache & cookies?

Yup, tried everything. Also tried on my iPad. Same results. Could it be my collections? Since my backups are also not responding.

Hi James. Still won’t open. Could it be related to the size of my app? It has grown a bit large, so i’m not sure if that’s the reason. The other smaller apps or clones open very quickly. I’m really getting frustrated and the only reason i’m sticking is because i’ve invested a few months learning Adalo.

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