Horizontal Chip List Days of the week


I recently added a horizontal chip list displaying the days of the week in my app and I am struggling to set it up so that when a user selects a day,(Mon, Tues, Wed… etc…) it will only retrieve records that match that day. Can someone help me with this issue?

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Is it set up so that tapping on Monday returns all Mondays? Or last Monday?

if today was Monday would like to return todays monday or i can check what tuesdays menu is on monday… so fouth and so on

The goal of the app is to allow users to click on any day of the week and display that day menu items for the current week

Ok, so in the text for yesterday’s chip put a date time of 1 day ago that will always give you yesterday’s date. Format it as day of the week

Then just filter the list by the chip value

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Correct? : Week And Today Records - Preview.mp4 - Google Drive

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