Horizontal list in the vertical list not working properly

Hi have added horizontal list in the the vertical list.
But it’s not working properly.
Can you suggest anything

Hi Rakesh,

What are you trying to achieve here? This is a pretty interesting use case, I don’t understand why you need horizontal lists IN a vertical list?

I am providing platform for various services.
And under that displaying it’s products/ sub category.
So it’s like dashboard showing latest updates in all categories

Hey Rakesh,

I made a video of this, let me know if this helps!

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Hi Erik thank you for your video.
Its the same way I created list.
But it gets when we scroll vertically it’s not getting properly in the mobile.
Scroll is not catching property.

I’d play around with the sizing and location of the list within the custom list.

If that doesn’t work, file a ticket with the adalo support team.

Thank you very much dear I will check it again

Hi @Rakesh,

I guess the problem is with horizontal list itself. It does support “left-right” movement, but it doesn’t support “top-bottom” movement, so you can’t really scroll the page when you get on the horizontal list.
As you have several lists, you experience this problem in full-scale. I have some apps with horizontal lists as well, and unfortunately I didn’t find any solution to this…

Best regards,

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Thanx for your reply.
I have one vertical list that’s working fine and moving up and down.
Now I added horizontal list in that.
That also working fine.
But vertical scroll now might din not have touch system or it don’t gets catch to scroll up and down

Hi @Rakesh,

Let me rephrase what I mean: if you put a horizontal list into the page, make this page long (i.e. scrollable), and try to scroll up/down by touching the horizontal list card, you will not be able to do this.
This is a glitch with horizontal list itself.

If you touch somewhere near the card in horizontal list, scroll works.

In your setup, horizontal lists occupy majority of the screen, so it is difficult for user to touch near the card to scroll up/down.

Hope this makes things more clear.


Hi Victor
That’s true and it gives not good feeling to client

I think this is a big problem and it needs to be solved urgently.

HI team i just created sdk and installed in my mobile .
in web preview that list was not working fine but on mobile working very fine…

thanx fore your video really great