Horizontal List to grab from group of contents / items

I am trying to recreate the this layout using the horizontal list card but it seems it’s not pulling from db relation I created.

my first attempt is having items and target it with a categories relation but when I put it in the custom filter it only can target if contains and it doesn’t show the result.

2nd try is using a dummy search box but still does not filter the only the specific list of categories.

has anyone try the horizontal card list to pull data from specific group of content, any suggestion in implementing this?

it seems that if I use the alt + drag to duplicate the component and connect to another part of the database breaks it. not sure if this is a bug a actually a feature.

I fixed this by adding new horizontal components multiple times without using copy paste.

It seems the horizontal card list view has a bug that if you don’t set the sort to any value it will just show nothing.