Horizontal Card List - Images from URLs

Hi! I’m trying to add various images from assigned URL’s on my Collection to the Horizontal Card List, but I don’t see an option to add multiple links or how to code the sequence in the same box with the Magic Text tool (done like it’s shown on the picture below doesn’t work, as seen on the Preview).

If I do it individually as separate images the links work, and if I only assign one of the links in the Card List box it works too by displaying that one image plus others from older ID records to fill up the Card List. What I’m trying to do however, is to pull all four images from the same ID on the same Card.

Thanks in advance to anybody that can help out :slight_smile:

Your generated ideas should only have one column for the image url. Dont have 4 images in one record, have 4 separate records, each with one image. Then you have a relationship between the generated ideas and another collection.

So if that was the user collection, you can filter the horizontal list by logged in user > generated ideas.

Or another collection. For example you could have a post collection, and you’re generating ideas/images for a post. In this case your relationships are set up as- a post belongs to a user, and generation ideas belong to a post. Your horizontal list then filters as current post > generation ideas

Hello! Thank you for your reply.

I configured all four images to be retrieved as different records, that’s working OK now. I linked the collection to the Logged In user like you suggested but I must be doing something wrong because I’m not able to pull the data in the Card List still, it just goes on an endless referencing loop.

I’m definitely still on the learning curve with Adalo so I appreciate all the help.

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You are using image from database in that screenshot, you need to be selecting image from url option

Thanks again. You were right. The problem now is that, because I was generating 4 URLs at once, if I stack them all on the same database as different records, only one of them gets actually executed/recorded.

My goal is for the User to be able to make 4 prompts with the same clic. It works fine if you have the 4 URLs on the same record, but not the other way around.

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