How can I add an element to a list from an other list?


I want to built an app for services with two types of users (professionnels and clients). I have a databases of all the platform’s services. I want the client to choose the services he wants and take an appointment with the professionel who proposes the choosen services. In the professionnel’s app, the professionnel can choose which services he wants to propose, so I can match the choosen services by the client with the professionnels who’s offering the services.

I’ve already created 2 apps with shared database (pro and client) with those databases :

  • Users
  • Category of service
  • Services
  • My Services
  • Order
  • Order items

Please help me !

Hi @Ayoub ,

Quick solution is to use “contains” for filtering, so pro have categories listed in single field and when client is looking for pro which is having list, use contains to show the records.

The drawback is this is text based filtering, it is difficult to have more than one service.

You can check relationship filtering for more flexibility.

Hi @Yongki , thanks for your answer.

Actually, I’ve created relationship between the databases.
For example, my users have relationship with services. I’m trying to add an element to a list from the same liste but with relationship. I don’t know if i’m using the right words but typically my professionnels have a list of services called “My services”, it’s empty right now. So I’m a professionnel and I want to add services to my list of services.

To use contain, there should be text to text comparison, so in pro (users collection) should have service field with text type and filled with multiple services (can be separated by comma).

And in client (also in users collection) there should be text field too to compare with the pro users.

Basically this is for quick workaround, to compare using contains.

Ok I’ll try it. Thanks a lot. If I could find an other way just with relationships collection, it could be great. I will do your recommandation and continue searching. Thanks again

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