Filter without excluding the least similar elements

Goodmorning everyone,

I have a doubt, how can I create a list of items that respects a “more like you” order.
Let me explain, I have a collection of “Events” and each event is linked to another “Interests” collection.
Each user has 5 interests that you choose when registering.

my idea is to propose to the user the events that have his interests (at the top) and in the background those that do not have his interests.If I filter by events + interests I would exclude all events that have interests that are not linked to the user (this is not good).
I want to give the user the possibility to view many other events as well, but which are simply less recommended for him.

Can anyone help me? It is a practice used on all websites or apps, first you are shown the elements most similar to you, and then those less close to you (but without excluding them).

Thank you.

How’s your DB set up - in terms of the relationships?

I think you have it set to many-to-many, which I don’t think will work.

If users selected their top interest when signing up, you could show a list of all events that match that. Right now, you can’t filter based on multiple OR criteria, so you can’t say “show event type A or type B”.

Hopefully that helps.

Correct, my DB has many-to-may relationship. At present I can’t do filters without excluding events. (as you say)

Is there no way to filter events that have the same interests as the logged user? and later the events that do not have them?

How could I modify my DB to do this?
How do you create an “OR” list?
Lists on adalo only have “Is equal to”, “is not equal”, “contains”. if you select an element, everything else will be excluded.


Hi @miticobeppe ,

Take a look at this cloneable app,

Hey thanks…this is good, for now I have only seen the operation and it looks good. later when I return home I will try to understand how it works from the inside.

I immediately notice one thing: there are two list elements. I think it is impossible to have the most similar and not in a single list? as if it were a sort?

Well, that is wonderful if this is suitable for you.

Yes, you can have many lists in a screen, and you can arrange it as if they are one, but need time to experiment it.

Adalo will surprise us on how we can do easily, that is very fortunate to have this specific skill, but very few times, a small thing is hardly achievable, well, as long as we got so many things resolved, that will offset that difficult small thing.

ok thanks, today i will clone the app … can you leave it available?
Is there no way to have this function in a single list? then sort the “closest to the user” items first and then the rest?

Hi @miticobeppe ,

I usually keep my public cloneable app active as long as possible.

For sorting the closest, it will need some thoughts, but if you insist, please private message me for more details.

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