How can I add user input into a calendar's agenda view

Hi there! So, I am working as a team of three on a Task Manager App. The user can enter a task (e.g., do laundry, finish homework) and a category (e.g., work, school, hobby) on the homepage. Then, there is a button they can click on the homepage to take them to an “Add to calendar” page. In the “Add to calendar” page the goal is to have a user enter a “Task” AKA the data type we made. After, the user can select a date and time, and once done the user hits OK and the data is taken to calendar’s Agenda View and displayed with the correct time and date. Please take a look at what we have so far. We use a group with an input and then two date time pickers.

We are using the Calendar from the Marketplace provided by Adalo

Add to calendar page

As you see the task entered by the user is not displayed in the Agenda View :frowning:

Behind the scenes stuff:

Which options have you selected on the calendar view itself? We need to see the setup of that.

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