How can I choose from the options available?

Now I want to be able to select from a selection using a toggle.
I would like to provide the option originally, but I can’t.

Try using a custom list with toggle component in it.

Sorry if I do not understand your problem here, there is not enough info. :upside_down_face:

In English :

Hi @Sorvel,

If you mean you want to select multiple things you can try a list with a toggle like @EnriqueGomez mentioned! This would be an example : Multi Select.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

In Chinese { I think you are Chinese ( I know it from your name on the profile card here ) and just translated it so you can understand it better! } :


如果您的意思是要選擇多項內容,可以嘗試使用@EnriqueGomez 提到的切換列表! 這將是一個例子:Multi Select.mp4 - Google Drive


Thank you for replay.
I could solve this problem by myself.
@dilon_perera I am Japanese, but your concern made me very happy.

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