Select one option in custom list of a search


Does anyone know if there is a way to select one option within a custom list with toggles ?

In the app, each user can create search to find products and has to choose if needed the kind of products he is looking for.

From a filter page, he came to a page with a list of categories with a link to subcategories page.
That page displays a list of all the subcategories of that category he can find and I would like him to only pick one for his own search with toggle.

With a list of Current search > Categories> Subcategories it doesn’t work and I only want to change that T/F parameter for his own search.

How can I manage the T/F property to only ables him to pick one subcategory ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @chrl,

This video might be useful for you: Adalo: how to select an option from a custom list using toggles' imitation - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks, I figured something like this !

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