How can I have my image slider show multiple user's image?

I’m new here
I want a slider to show the user’s images. But it shows images from only one column of the database.
How do I make it show 3 images of the user??

Can you screenshot your database setup?

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You need to have a separate images collection, with a relationship to users. One user can have many images, an image can only have one user. Then you can display current user > images.

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So for example I need 3 images to be displayed so do I have to make 3 columns in the images collection for one user?

You’d just 3 image records (rows) . Each record containing 1 image.

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but I have different users to show their images on their profile

After I tried your solution I get this:


only works with one user

If you are using a list, you set it up like this Screen Recording 2021-08-08 at 21.20.38

Thanks for the quick reply but the site can’t be opened cause streamable is banned in my country.

Can you please answer this question too as this question is my highest priority right now:

So on your app it would be current user > images

Under the image collection there is just one property you need - the image itself.

Your video seems to show you’ve tried to set up new columns for different images. That isn’t the correct way to do it.

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