Items appear even though they are filtered

I’m new here

I wanted to create a Tinder clone, so I started searching for suitable free platforms where I could make one. I found that Adalo has a Deck Swiper which made it easy for me.
so my workflow goes like this:
-user selects his category
-then on the next page he gets a deck of items that can be swiped left and right
-then on the next page he gets a list of right-swiped items.

but when I swipe left on some items they still appear on the final selected lists.

The Problem:

My Database:
screen-capture (2)

What actions have you set for left or right swipe?

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tried some actions but didn’t work

It seems a lot of updates to relationships under one action. It may not update all of them correctly when you are swiping, simply because there are too many updates happening at once. Updates to many to many relationships tend to perform slowly anyway. Is there a way you can simplify this a bit?

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Worked like a charm!!