Multiple Image columns in database?


Is it possible to have more than one column that has images in a database that is accessible when called? While I can access the image in the first column for viewing in a second screen, I do not have the option to access the same database for a second image to view in a third screen - an external URL is the only choice offered by Adalo.

I also note that it is only possible to call up the images when using an image list, but not calling up a single image.

If I’m understanding correctly, a single row in a database would have multiple images that you want to display?

I have this on my app. The workaround to get them to display is:

  • name the image columns in your database e.g. image 1, image 2
  • create a custom list on the app screen, linking to the database you want to use
  • insert an image container inside the list
  • link the image source to the database, “CURRENT DATABASE > IMAGE 1”

Duplicate the list on the screen and change the filter on the second list to display “image 2”

Hi Diego,

Thanks for your insight and help!

Got it going very quickly.


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