How can I implement swipe function like tiktok?

Now, I would like to use swipe function for switching the video like tiktok.
I know Deck swiper, but this plugin is just for image file not for video.
What should I do to use swipe function for switching the video like tiktok?

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This may help!

Adalo hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection (UPDATED with 2nd video) - Resources & Tutorials - Adalo

Actually what @B0untiful_26 said is incorrect.

Unfortunately, Adalo doesn’t have the capabilities to do a swipe action for videos. (From what I know)


What I am trying to say that its not possible, I wanted to send an statement from vector, he made use Vimeo videos if he wish.

You can’t swipe videos too

Hi @Moai101,

Not sure why that post of mine was referenced here :slight_smile:
I upvote @James_App_Maker - unfortunately, Deck Swiper can’t be used in this case.

Theoretically, you could do something List + Plyr video player, and change current video with buttons, but (a) this is not a swipe and (b) I’m not sure this will work smoothly.



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