How can I link specific data in collection to a specific user

Hello everyone, I am trying to create a school portal, where every student or user can view certain information in a collection. E.g, students can view their transcripts or results or any other information.
I created a collection for Students Result but I don’t know how I can link the information in the student result collection to specific students, so that each student can only have access to his own result.
Please if any one can help me, I’ll be most grateful.

Wecome Boy-G

It’s been a while since I have touched Adalo. A bit rusty.

I believe you need to learn relationships. Have you made a relationship between users & their information?

You may try checking Adalo’s documentation or tutorials on this site. Or, some basic tutorials on youtube may help. What you’re asking seems pretty basic - you should get an answer. In the future, share a screen shot with your questions… it helps get you answers.

Create 2 Collections - Students & Results

Create a relationship that Students can have many Results - Results only belong to one Student

Watch some beginner tutorials on Youtube to understand the basics of Adalo.

Thank you all for your help, I’ll do that now.

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