How can I mk text box expansion in adalo

Hi everyone I am building a application where I insert a chatting feature and I want my text box to be expanded whenever I have many messages in the box and if I don’t have maybe If. I just have a few words I don’t want the text box to expand big I want it
to be small just like the character in it is small thank you I love everyone

Text field should expand automatically when it goes over 1 line

Thank you for your help but what I mean is by the width not the height

Ah ok I understand now. I’m not sure that’s possible at the moment.

Hey @Iamriola ,
We ( have a component that does this called Chat Box.

It’s basically a box that will expand as the text expands. It also has some other features that make it useful for displaying Reply messages as well.

You can set the box to align left/right/center depending on which side of the chat you are using it on.
See Demo

Alt Use case: People use it as a button component with magic text for the button. That way it adapts to the size if the button text length changes.

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So how can I get it and add it to my chat

You can purchase it from our site.
Here’s a direct link

Once you purchase it, you will add our email to your team. Then we will add the component. (you’ll get the instructions during the purchase process)

Let me know if you have any other questions/concerns.

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