How can i pull data from two different collections into a list

Im building a taxi app for my business and i have run into a problem
im not using Googles API for location services just yet, its rather manual input

heres my problem:

  1. i have 3 collections (users, bookings & screen refresh)
    i want to be able to sort my bookings list by Online Status time by Oldest to newest

the online status time is located in USER collection and i want it to be sortable in my bookings list

is there any way to link these 2 things together?

So in other words, you want to display all the bookings were the user status is online?

yes, but in a queue type fashion

say, driver 1 is the first to click *online" he would be sitting at the top of the list for the next job
then say drivers 2 3 4& 5 click “online” they would be 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th in queue

the job only gets offered to the top driver in 1st place but say he declines the job, that would send him to the bottom of the queueing system