Database structure

I am building a booking app for people to book painters.
At current in my database, I have a collection called ‘Painters’ and have individual details about them in the properties, Eg, ‘Name’, ‘Painting style’, ‘Age’, Years of experience’ etc.

I want to make a list so that bookers can ‘Shortlist’ the painters they like.

should my database be collections of individual painters or just under one collection?
‘Painter 1’
‘Painting style’,

New collection
‘Painter 2’
‘Painting style’,

Hi @Dejon313,

No you don’t need separate collections for each painters. Create a one collection of Painters and create properties and you can add the details. Shortlist means filtering the list?

Thank you


Not a filtering list. It will be like a shopping/checklist essentially. Think add to cart
and the shortlisted items appear at a later screen.

Your Welcome!

You mean like a user can select several painters from the list and they will be shown in a screen and then they can remove or directly book ?


There’s a clonebale app called appointments app that you can see. It has Classes that you can recreate it as Painters.

Thanks, Do you guys have video tutorials of real-world, or similar apps?

Maybe try searching in YouTube. Or you can start with that template and change it.

Try to search here App Showcase section. There might be some orderings apps.

The template was super helpful. Thanks!

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