Putting all collections in one

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 12.22.55

I have all of these collections. I am needing them to stay separate for myself just to make my life easier. However when someone searches i need it to search through all off the collections. Is this possible?

Hello, basically in order to search in a list, you need a specific collection.

But if i need to keep the collections on their own how can i do this?

Hi @Indisa ,

The purpose of relational database is to put as much as similar data in single location then detecting pattern, and if it needs different data, create new location and then it can be linked to previous location.

Restaurant, cafe are similar, it should be in single location (which is called collection in Adalo)
Holdr offers is different data, another collection, can be linked if necessary.

You might need Category collection that made differentiation that can be used to separate them in list.

Basically, spreadsheet thinking should be improved when thinking about database relationship.

Thank you for the reply!