How can I update a list visible to users?

I completely rewrote this post. Hope it’s more clear.

I have a checklist (shopping list) visible to all users. The list includes all items we carry in the store. The store is a food pantry stocked with items donated by our users.

As an admin, my version of the list includes checkboxes (true/false toggles) so I can check off items that are in short supply.

I want my users to see only the items I have checked off. This way they know what items we need for our food pantry. The user’s version doesn’t have to include checkboxes. It can just be a text list of all the items we need.

How can I create this? The user’s version doesn’t have to update in real time, but it should update whenever they load their shopping list screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Guys, can anybody help with this?

Hi Micheal,

You can create a true/false property on that collection and add a custom filter to the list that User see as that true/false property is false. And you can add a toggle to the list that Admin see and connect that toggle to that true/false property. And you can turn on the User’s list Auto refresh ( Advance Options ) to see the list changes in the Real time. But I think when the list comes bigger this will become slow. If it is you can turn on the Load Items as User scroll.

Thank you

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