How did you discover no-code?

Was it through Google? Did a friend recommend it? Stumble upon it on Twitter? I’d love to know how you discovered no-code.


I discovered it back in 2016, before the terminology of no-code had been established. I started with basic blogging, and worked my way up to full websites using Weebly (before they got acquired by Square). That led me to other no-code platforms for websites like Duda, Webflow, and others. I then got involved with e-commerce and started using Shopify and BigCommerce. I’m honestly not sure how I learned about it. I bet I just Googled “how to make a website” and Weebly popped up.

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Through an Instagram tutorial video by @michael.ionita on youtube.


Ok, if I go WAAAAAAAAAY back I discovered it in 1999 with Macromedia Drumbeat (a no-code drag and drop ASP tool). A friend of mine and myself had a small design firm, had ventured into the web world and had a request from a client to connect their website to their database. I had no coding skills, but did have a good grasp of database concepts, so used it to build our first data-driven website. I eventually became a web developer, migrating from ASP to ASP.Net and then to Analytics and Reporting and finally to Leadership and Product Design & Management Roles.

I was re-introduced to low/no-code platforms in 2018 when researching ways to quickly take one of our legacy products to the web. At the time we decided to re-build internally.

Fast forward to 2021 where I began to research no-code platforms that would allow me to quickly build an MVP in order demo a new idea I was working on. I googled best no-code platforms, tried out a few and ultimately settled on Adalo due to it’s…

  • Short Learning Curve - Everything seemed very intuitive to me and easy to learn
  • Reasonable Startup Cost - I can build a go-to-market product with a price tag that won’t bankrupt me or end my marriage
  • Support - I was impressed with the help resources and user community
  • Company culture - I liked where the company has been, and where they are going

That’s awesome! How did you discover him on YouTube?

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:exploding_head: I love the history! I’m glad you discovered us.

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First I started to search about No Code because of our Group work. ( Me and 5 friends and Sir )

Then first I searched on Youtube and I found so many videos. First I found AppsGeyser, AppyPie but not good. And then I found Glide and I started creating apps from Glide. Then I realized I can’t publish to the apps to the stores. ( Can with Nativator but I thought let’s stop this for while and start searching again).

Then I started searching on Google and I found Flutter Flow,AppGyver,Bubble etc. And then I found a blog post while searching No Code Tools and in that blog there are 10 No Code Tools. As I remember AppGyver,Bubble,Fluter Flow, Glide, Appypie and another 5 tools.

I didn’t searched Glide,Appgyver and the ones that I know and after scrolling down I found Adalo. Then I pressed and I saw it was great. Then I searched tutorials. And I found many tutorials. And I created the app our group thought from Adalo ( Quizzy ) and adding more features in the future :star_struck:


I love the journey, @dilon_perera! Thank you for being such an important part of our community.

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I actually had no idea what no-code was until joining this forum and using Adalo back in September/ December of last year.

I discovered Adalo while watching YouTube, I don’t remember what I was searching on google that day for an app builder ad to show up. Anyways, in December/late November, I decided to go onto and start building an app. Like everyone else, I started using templates and seeing how they were made. For example, I cloned the ordering food truck template and started seeing how it was built, the database structure, all the payment calculations, etc.

Somehow, after a couple of weeks of playing with Adalo, I started answering topics in the forum. After trial and error, a month of answering topics, in January, I got an email from Colin asking me to be a community leader! I was really surprised that I was chosen to be a community leader. (it was probably because I spent wayyyy to much on the forum then the Adalo platform :laughing:)

Yup, then, I was just answering posts like crazy. That’s probably why I’ve never not gone on the forum since the day I got chosen as a community leader. (and over 1.4k posts)

That’s my story of finding Adalo/no-code!


Actually @James_App_Maker James, you inspire me to give answers in this forum, and this is the first forum that I am active, and am fortunate enough to have this nice community that continue building each other however they can.

Not many people can inspire other people. :grinning:

Hopefully our critical situation has passed that happened around mid year, some die-hard Adalo fans were protecting this forum again and again.


We are thankful you discovered us @James_App_Maker! You are essential to this community.


Hi everyone,
Nice to meet you.
My name is Lin and I am from Israel.
I learned C at the university about 12 years ago, and then learned C# .NET, but I never actually wrote code.
I worked as a project manager for a software company for 7 years mainly doing Hands-on SQL, writing technical specification documents and implementing.
I also have a hobby, I coach online . I write workout and diet plan for trainees and monitor their progress.
I found out about no-code about a year and a half ago when Covid started and my hobby became my main business because gyms were closed and I got a loot of clients.
I first heard out about Glide, and I started building my app for coaching there.
Then after searching some more I found about Adalo.
I’m still missing some features on both in order to have my product as perfect as I need it to be.
Mostly language barriers.
For example - I need the Date picker to be in Hebrew, and choose date formats correctly.
I still haven’t experienced with Adalo as much as with Glide but will defiantly try it out as it seems like app store and google store will be a must for my apps in the near future.


Welcome to the community @Lin! Best of luck to you on making your app. This is a great place to ask questions whenever you get stuck.


Hi @Lin :wave:

I think you are on Glide community Right? I know you. Great to see you on Adalo Forum too :+1: