How do I allow 1 user to access a page

I only want users to be able to access their own profile editor. Currently I could change anyone’s profile. How do I fix this?

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 3.47.53 PM

If I understand you question correctly, your “Update Profile” page should contain a form that’s linked to your User collection in your database, but the form should only “Update Logged in User” rather than “Current User”. Current User would trigger an update from whatever profile was the last one viewed or linked from.

Is there a way to allow toggles to change one’s profile. Like an online/Offline toggle?

Hi @LoneWolf ,

You can add visibility of edit button with logged in users>email = current user>email which is saying that only the logged in user can change their profile, in case you show them a list.

Thank you so much!

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