🤯 How to set "edit" visibility for only the user it's created by?

Hi all,

I’m a little stumped.

Some user roles can create new posts, and I would like only to allow the unique creator of the post the ability to edit with a modal page.

What’s the best way to do this?

Hey @rjoelitevolley

Assuming your database is similar to mine. I would try:

Current Opening > Creating User’s > Email is equal to Logged in User’s email

Thanks @GeneralJWS
Did you create a database for “Creating User’s” or just have it as a hidden field or something/somewhere?

In my database I have a Posts collection, and within it I have a relationship between Users and Posts.
A post can only have one creating user, a user can have many posts.

This relationship I titled “Creating User” in the Posts Collection and called “Created Posts” in the User collection

So create a relationship between Users and Openings.
Openings can only have 1 creating user, and the user can create many Openings.

I hope this helps!

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100% Thank you

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This is the logic you need on the visibility @rjoelitevolley

Exactly as @GeneralJWS mentioned.

Current Post >Created by User > Email is equal to Logged-in user email.

A visual to help:

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