How do I create a simple checklist?

I may be overthinking this.

I want to create a prepopulated shopping list. This is essentially like an Amazon wishlist that will contain items I’m asking my users to donate. Users should be able to open the list when they are at a grocery store, and check off any items they buy for us. Then they can clear the list when they leave the store.

All the list components in the Adalo app builder seem to be designed to populate with items from a database. I don’t need that. I think I just need to create a simple text list, with a checkbox in front of each item. Am I on the right track here? To be clear, my users won’t be able to edit the list, other than checking off purchased items.

Also, I’d like to make each checked item appear greyed out as soon as it’s checked. But this isn’t critical.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this? Thanks so much as always.

Hi @MikesClub,

Of course you can create a static set of text labels on the screen + set of togggles. Toggles could be connected to a set of T/F properties in Users collection (e.g. Item1checked, Item2checked, etc.). The labels will display item names, and you can have 2 labels for each item (black and gray) with conditional visibility depending if corresponding T/F property is True or False.
And then you attach each toggle to Logged-in User → Item1,2,…checked property.

You won’t use any DB collection other than Users for that - as you want :slight_smile: though please keep in mind that this list will be completely static, same for every user and couldn’t be changed without changing the app itself.

If list items aren’t completely static, in my opinion you will have to use collections and lists. But this is a different story - giving you any recommendation require some more info about the scenario you need to implement.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much Victor. That’s very helpful.

For further information, we operate a free grocery, stocked with grocery items donated by people in our community.

People often ask me what items we need, so I keep a “wish list” for them to reference when they’re out shopping. So yes, the list should be completely static. On the rare occasion that I might want to change it, I can change it in the app.

The idea is that my users can use the app’s shopping list while shopping, check off the items they’ve picked up, and then clear their list after they finish shopping. Or they might want to keep the items checked off so they can buy different items next time. It’s purely a helpful prompt to encourage them to support our free grocery.

We make our Little Free Grocery available to anyone in our community who needs a little help. Lots of people are in that boat right now!


Hi Michael @MikesClub,

Great, then the solution I’ve suggested should work. You can also clear the list by adding a single “Update Logged-In User” action after shopping is finished.

Best regards, Victor.

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