Can I launch a date picker by clicking an icon?

A weird question.

I have a list of borrowed items.

Each item has a due date, but that date does not appear in this particular list.

The borrower (user) is allowed to extend the due date.

To keep this screen simple, I don’t want to have a date picker field visible, but I want to allow the user to click on an icon (a calendar), which should trigger a date picker, where the user can change the date. The click action would then update the appropriate record.

Is this possible?

Thanks to all, as always!

Hi @MikesClub,

Something like this?

Thank you

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I haven’t seen Dilon’s video, but what about a small modal?

The user clicks on the icon, small modals pops with the date picker.

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I thought about using a modal, but here’s the problem with my particular set up:

My screen has a text input field. I use that data to create a record in a collection. The date picker is part of that record. This particular screen is set to change the input value of that field back to empty upon reload.

If I understand correctly, a modal is really just another screen. When you close the modal, you go back to the original screen. This would empty the text input field and I wouldn’t be able to create the record properly.

At least this is how I think it works.

Is it possible to know the reason for this? :upside_down_face:

Maybe saving that input value on another input and add the saved input value to that input again?

Sorry! Forgot to show the screen actions in the video! I have added two screenshots.

This is essentially a shopping cart:

  1. The customer wants to borrow several items. I enter item 1 into the input field and click “add item” button. This creates a record in the LibraryCard collection and reloads the screen, clearing the input field.

  2. I then enter item 2 into the input field and click add item” again, creating a second LibraryCard record.

The date picker field shows the default due date (for returning the items). But sometimes the user will need to keep the items for a different period. Hence the need for a date picker.

I want the input field to clear each time to avoid accidentally adding the same item twice.

I will try your idea. This will let be use a modal screen as recommended above.

Hi @MikesClub,
If the modal then has an action to go back to the original screen (If this is where the input field is) to add more items you can always add an action to change the input value to empty


Dilon, your solution worked perfectly. Thank you!

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