How do I find out how much database space an app is using?

How do I find out how much database space an app is using? With my pro plan, I get 5 GB of data. When I write an app for a client, I’d like to know how much of my plan they are using so I know how much to charge them for the database hosting. What’s a good way to figure this out? Thanks!

Hi Darren,

This is not available currently for some weird reason. :man_shrugging:


Any way to calculate the row count of a collection?

Yeah actually @Victor made this formula. :slight_smile:

"Say, if one property’s value size is 1000 symbols, 4 properties → 4000 symbols. Multiply that by 4 (let’s imagine UTF-32 is used) = 16 000 bytes per record. Then for 1K records it will be 16 megabytes."

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Cool… but is there any way to display this on a screen I develop for the client?


No, I don’t think so. :cry:

Hi @James_App_Maker @developermct,

Just for the reference - this is not a formula to calculate the amount of MB consumed by app’s DB :slight_smile:

This was in the context of a discussion how to approach the estimation of the amount of data consumed. Moreover, I’m not sure how the data is stored inside Adalo, and this will affect the calculations heavily.
In order to get the exact figures, one needs to run some specific commands on a DB server.

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you both for the responses. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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