CSV gets the datastorage used?


If we download the csv of the database and we see the amount of kb that it has, it’s that a way of knowing how much storage we are using, Or this is wrong?


Hi @ramonroca ,

The size of database is probably a little higher than those CSV files, as it will contain unique identifier field and other system fields.

But database with text is very compact in size, unless you store zillions of records with 1000 fields, then you should be mindful.

The most spending storage are pictures and videos, this what we should be worried about.

Hi Yongki,

Even so, I don’t think the difference is very big, is it?
I have the 50dollar plan and I can’t see how much I already have… and my application has exploded.

Hi @ramonroca,

To know about your storage you need to Submit a support ticket for now. If you close to hit the storage Adalo Team will contact you!

I think Adalo Team will make this easier for makers in the future so that makers can see the remaining storage. ( Vote here : Storage meter | Voters | Adalo )

Thank you

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