Problem with buttons

I built the layout of the home page, but when I start to view it, the buttons fly up and the image moves

Hi! You could make the buttons or other elements together as a group and fix it to the bottom.

I did it, but it still dosn’t work

And if I pinned text, button’s going up

Sorry it has taken me a while to figure this out for you because once you pin the image the other elements start acting weird. But finally I figured it out for you.

Image: Fix to the top

Main text + small text = make it a group and fix to top.

2 button + terms of service text + rectangle > make a group > fix to bottom.

This is the best I was able to achieve. The issue comes because of the image that needs to be fixed to the top and because of that, other elements are acting strange such as the app name.

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Shouldn’t he pin it?

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