How do I multiply booking?

Hey there,

I’m currently in the works of creating an internally used app for our ski lodge members. Currently, bookings are done via our website which is starting to get outdated, hence the app.

I’m looking to make it so that the members can book for not only themselves but their companions as well. There are 12 different rates to be charged based on age. Where I’m stuck is when it comes to being able to book multiple nights in one booking and for that to be shown in the database. I am also needing to display how many beds (–/35) are free each night being able to see whatever day.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Olly.

Hi @Ollydski ,

If you get booking by days, you can have collections for all the dates (in records) with relationship to lodge.

There are 2 ways to facilitate the booking, no slots means free, or slots with status of free and booked.

It depends on your use case and what your user is expecting to see.

Thanks, I will give this a go. Are you suggesting that I do a collection per day because that will be a little excessive as I’m trying to do this for as many days as possible? Thanks for your reply. Olly

My personal choice is no slots=free, but this will need process to check for conflict, having pre defined slots is easier to show and check, but slots must be in constant period such as daily, hourly etc.

Having example of cases of what your users are expecting can determine your database design.